• Audio Visual / Video Conferencing Technician

    Vanderbilt University Medical CenterNashville, TN 37230

    Job #1147072750

  • Audio Visual / Video Conferencing Technician



    This position provides front line support to the Telemedicine services and technology facilitating Clinic to Clinic, and direct to patient services. This position travels to remote facilities to resolve issues, train personnel, installs

    equipment and coordinates with internal and third parties to implement, support and maintain telehealth deployments. Additionally this position provides direct support for more than 300 conference and meeting spaces providing

    problem resolution, training, vendor coordination, and assistance with technology upgrades.

    Telehealth technologies include :

    Derm Scope, ENT Scope, electronic Stethoscopes, microphones, speakers, cameras, carts, video conference

    Technologies and hardware:

    ZOOM, SKYPE, Jabber, FaceTIme and hardware conference systems used in various Telehealth/Telemedicine educational and patient deployments.

    AV Equipment includes :

    Flat panel displays, room controls, microphones, speakers, projectors, smart boards, conference telephony, video conference technologies, screen sharing, and digital signage.

    Specific roles associated with the position include:

    Coordination with customers and vendors for all repair and upgrade quotes.

    Management of room and equipment data base recording room and deployed technology information.


    MANAGING CHANGE (NOVICE): - Demonstrates the ability to adapt well to changes in work assignments, policies, procedures and reorganizations without a loss in productivity. Is openly supportive of reasonable changes which are determined to be good for the product, service and organization. Takes a rational approach to change but is willing to question changes while suggesting alternatives. Gets all the facts before reacting to change. Has put together a plan for personal and professional development for purposes of growth.

    PLANNING AND ORGANIZING (FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS): - Demonstrates ability to anticipate basic resource needs, identify discrete tasks, set priorities, define dependencies, schedule activities, meet deadlines, and organize work for own assignments and responsibilities. Appropriately matches equipment, and capital resources to task demands. Prepares and presents clear and accurate status reports on projects and assignments.

    QUALITY MANAGEMENT - (FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS): - Understands the goal of increasing organizational productivity and individual performance by making the products and services within your work assignments more efficient and more effective. Demonstrates quality management practices on the job which result in superior products and services delivered.

    RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS): - Has participated in the staffing of a functional unit, including the interviewing of candidates. Assigned tasks to one or more staff members. Helped identify the resources required to meet unit objectives.


    • Organizational Impact: Delivers job responsibilities that impact own job area/team with some guidance.

    • Problem Solving/ Complexity of work: Uses existing procedures, research and analysis to solve standard job related problems that may require some judgement.

    • Breadth of Knowledge: Requires subject matter knowledge within a professional area to meet job requirements.

    • Team Interaction: Individually contributes to project/ work teams.



    • Develops Self and Others: Continuously improves own skills by identifying development opportunities.

    • Builds and Maintains Relationships: Seeks to understand colleagues' priorities, working styles and develops relationships across areas.

    • Communicates Effectively: Openly shares information with others and communicates in a clear and courteous manner.


    • Serves Others with Compassion: Invests time to understand the problems, needs of others and how to provide excellent service.

    • Solves Complex Problems: Seeks to understand issues, solves routine problems, and raises proper concerns to supervisors in a timely manner.

    • Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Listens carefully to understand the issues and provides accurate information and support.


    • Performs Excellent Work: Checks work quality before delivery and asks relevant questions to meet quality standards.

    • Ensures Continuous Improvement: Shows eagerness to learn new knowledge, technologies, tools or systems and displays willingness to go above and beyond.

    • Fulfills Safety and Regulatory Requirements: Demonstrates basic knowledge of conditions that affect safety and reports unsafe conditions to the appropriate person or department.


    • Demonstrates Accountability: Takes responsibility for completing assigned activities and thinks beyond standard approaches to provide high-quality work/service.

    • Stewards Organizational Resources: Displays understanding of how personal actions will impact departmental resources.

    • Makes Data Driven Decisions: Uses accurate information and good decision making to consistently achieve results on time and without error.


    • Generates New Ideas: Willingly proposes/accepts ideas or initiatives that will impact day-to-day operations by offering suggestions to enhance them.

    • Applies Technology: Absorbs new technology quickly; understands when to utilize the appropriate tools and procedures to ensure proper course of action.

    • Adapts to Change: Embraces change by keeping an open mind to changing plans and incorporates change instructions into own area of work.

    Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent experience) and < 1="" year="" relevant="" industry="" experience="" in="" video="" conferencing="" &/or="" audio="" visual="" technologies="" (strongly="" preferred)="" physical="" requirements/strengths="" needed="" &="" physical="" demands:="" +="" sedentary="" category="" requiring="" exertion="" up="" to="" 10="" lbs.="" of="" force="" occasionally="" and="" uses="" negligible="" amounts="" of="" force="" to="" move="" objects.="" sedentary="" work="" involves="" sitting="" most="" of="" the="" time.="" movement="" +="" occasional:="" standing:="" remaining="" on="" one's="" feet="" without="" moving.="" +="" occasional:="" walking:="" moving="" about="" on="" foot.="" +="" occasional:="" lifting="" under="" 35="" lbs:="" raising="" and="" lowering="" objects="" under="" 35="" lbs="" from="" one="" level="" to="" another="" +="" occasional:="" carrying="" under="" 35="" lbs:="" transporting="" an="" object="" holding="" in="" hands,="" arms="" or="" shoulders,="" with="" help="" of="" coworkers="" or="" assistive="" device.="" +="" occasional:="" bending/stooping:="" trunk="" bending="" downward="" and="" forward="" by="" bending="" spine="" at="" waist="" requiring="" full="" use="" of="" lower="" extremities="" and="" back="" muscles="" +="" occasional:="" reaching="" above="" shoulders:="" extending="" arms="" in="" any="" direction="" above="" shoulders.="" +="" frequent:="" sitting:="" remaining="" in="" seated="" position="" +="" frequent:="" reaching="" below="" shoulders:="" extending="" arms="" in="" any="" direction="" below="" shoulders.="" +="" frequent:="" fingering:="" picking,="" pinching,="" gripping,="" working="" primarily="" with="" fingers="" requiring="" fine="" manipulation.="" +="" frequent:="" bimanual="" dexterity:="" requiring="" the="" use="" of="" both="" hands.="" sensory="" +="" continuous:="" communication:="" expressing="" or="" exchanging="" written/verbal/electronic="" information.="" +="" continuous:="" auditory:="" perceiving="" the="" variances="" of="" sounds,="" tones="" and="" pitches="" and="" able="" to="" focus="" on="" single="" source="" of="" auditory="" information="" +="" continuous:="" vision:="" clarity="" of="" near="" vision="" at="" 20="" inches="" or="" less="" and="" far="" vision="" at="" 20="" feet="" or="" more="" with="" depth="" perception,="" peripheral="" vision,="" color="" vision.="" +="" continuous:="" smell:="" ability="" to="" detect="" and="" identify="" odors.="" environmental="" conditions="" job="" information="" technology="" organization:="" vumc="" it="" voice="" &="" data="" services="" 108095="" title:="" audio="" visual="" video="" conferencing="" technician="" location:="" tn-nashville-vanderbilt="" hospital="" (vuh)="" requisition="" id:="" 2001161="" vanderbilt="" university="" medical="" center="" is="" committed="" to="" principles="" of="" equal="" opportunity="" and="" affirmative="" action.="">

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