• Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

    Trustmark Lake Forest, IL 60045

    Job #2285414633

  • Trustmark is seeking a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist.

    Job Overview

    The Senior Marketing Communications Specialist is a visible role on the marketing team, communicating with Sales Manager, Brokers and Enrollment teams during the Enrollment period leading to up Enrollment including a post-analysis review of campaigns. The Specialist is a subject-matter-expert on customer communications and executes campaigns that drive voluntary benefit Enrollment.

    The Specialist creates and executes member-centric communication and collateral that align with the business target of increased enrollment. The Specialist recommends campaigns for enrollments, gaining consensus, and building scalable multi-channel, pre-communication campaigns (digital, email, text, social media, collateral, video, decision-making tools, landing pages, website, print). The Specialist increases awareness and engagement within identified customer segments in order to drive preference and conversion. In partnership with outside brokers, enrollment firms and their clients, the Specialist develops, executes and measures the effectiveness of multiple touchpoint campaigns.

    The Specialist leads and implements suites of new consumer materials for new product launches, determining optimal tactics to gain competitive advantage and improve the user experience. Works with various functional teams and systems to automate scalable customized communications, when applicable. Curates and stores all variations of campaign materials following defined practices, which includes maintaining advertising log records and seven years of sample files. In addition, the Specialist maintains library of standard templates.

    The Specialist will utilize research, key insights and lessons learned from previous campaigns to suggest communication strategies that pinpoint specific target audiences and drive measurable results; the Specialist will develop, and gradually improve over time, a post-analysis summary for each marketing campaign that summarizes details for each enrollment - including customer engagement, conversion and activities - reporting outcomes from each campaign, as well as recommendations for future campaigns.

    The Specialist works together with other members of the marketing to revise stock and create custom marketing materials to meet needs of different enrollment programs. In this role, the Specialist will be required to become familiar with advertising regulations, craft disclosure statements, maintain an advertising log of all consumer materials, work within budgets, prioritize project activities to meet deadlines, think creatively while keeping customer needs and values in mind. The Specialist also will be expected to participate in special projects that advance enrollment and consumer marketing.

    Key Job functions include the following:


    • Develop communication strategies for enrollment cases; write/develop standard marketing materials; create/curate the entire portfolio of standard product materials to be used at enrollments; develop all necessary generic (templated) variations of branded brochures to create standard materials and state-required versions; develop suite of ancillary materials, including posters, postcards, table tents, stuffers, one-page sell sheets; create and manage consumer enrollment campaigns on a digital content-management system (CMS) and email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation platform; ensure an informative and delightful user experience choosing voluntary products on HR benefit administration systems - recommend branding, product messaging, calls to action.

    • Revise content for product refreshes and create new environments for product launches, brochures, etc.; coordinate just-in-time/print-on-demand requests; interact and professionally and effectively communicate with internal and external clients and management teams.

    • Develop and create campaign materials for the sales team to use in presentations and proposals made to employers to win new business. Create sustainable, scalable processes for enrollment and re-enrollment communications. Train sales and implementation managers on marketing support programs for engagement.

    • Evaluate market reactions to programs to ensure timely adjustment of marketing strategy and plans to meet changing market and competitive conditions. Pivot to take advantage of rapid regulatory changes, executing specialized campaigns, resolving sources of trouble and tracking results.


    Develop reports that summarize campaign results, over-time building a repository of data, segmented by campaign, to effectively monitor and upgrade campaign efforts leading to the overall business goal of improving enrollment rates. Define and build targeted and segmented campaigns; monitor and report metrics.


    Update and maintain stock and digital archives of employee product presentations and marketing materials as they require changes due to compliance, filings, branding, etc. Maintain advertising logs and seven years of sample files. Maintain library of standard templates.


    Perform other duties as needed/assigned.

    Education and Experience required:

    • BA, BS in business, advertising, marketing communications or related field.

    • Minimum of three years' experience in developing marketing campaign in an agency or in-house environment producing print and online materials.

    • Omni-channel marketing campaign experience

    • Proficient in Microsoft Office, knowledge of a positive online user experience and the ability to stay current with emerging programs.

    Required Skills

    Required Experience